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Thanks @Patrystyk for this one!

It started out a simple thing. He'd posted this, asking for any stimulating audial requests people might have, and it ended with us going back and forth over Discord and really building this together.

Though maybe I oughta clarify: the music's all him! The initial beat. The industrial tone. The whole production. My contribution's feedback/sfx.

I asked for Cyberpunk and Cyberdemon-like (phrased the request way better but I shall paraphrase away letters); eventually even got to add in some suitable sfx from the original game... can you pick them out? There are four distinct DOOM-related sounds in the mix; the rest's a medley of Cyberpunk and hell-like all intertwined. Glitchy, industrial greatness.

You can find this on NG here, and skim @Patrystyk's audio page for other requests if you like, that first post apparently garnered quite a few!

All rights reserved on this one btw. CC license does not apply.


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