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Cyberdevil's Back (2016) (1:09)

I was planning to post this after summer, but as seems to be tradition time flies, as does life, and here we are now in the month of slush and ice with sulfur/saffron/acid skies! But light this up like fireflies, dry your eyes, and get ready to vibe to something nice!! Well, maybe it's not the most viable to vibe on, this one - it's experimental. A quick percussion-backed track (thanks Nick!) to tell you all that: I'm Back.

Lyrics/vocals are mine. Percussion, production, track mastery and an extra ending adlib all courtesy of Jabun. Many thanks, man! Hope you enjoy, and without further ado: the lyrics.


Cyberdevil's baaaaaack!

You better get used to it, because I refuse to quit
If you want me to git! Then this is a dis track and it's YOU I dis
But if not chill and watch some Netflix,
Or some Newgrounds. I've been around
An old Newgroundian and now I'm back in town
It's: the Cyberdevil of the dead and the dead-end day jobs!
Don't say you've been diggin' it or in my head I've been grave(ly) robbed!
But I am BACK from: the living kid!
Back to fuel: my ignorance!
Can't nobody out-anything me I'll be all that I always pretended I'll be
Till my self doubt can't comprehend what I feel
I'll beat this like that music!
Bumping a disc my back's wracked with bruises,
Pack is fat with what I'm never losing
Got stacks of that growing damper than my boots but I'm
Getting out of the refuge... of the little so I can be huge!
Out from the middle of limbo, to: standing on roofs!
From being belittled to being on s(h)itshows! Riddled with rouge!
From speaking opinion to speaking truths - no one can refute! And it don't matter if I do lisp!
Clomping around in a bundle of tulips,
Spitting my tunes because ooh I got TWO lips,
If you're not well you better get used to it!
Cyberdevil back in it (with Nick on) and in a minute:
W/He'll be making music...

If you like this, check out the last one too. Start of a new tradition, maybe? ;) As always: all comments much appreciated.


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    Monday Apr/10/2017

    Awesome Man!
    Cyberdevil Really IS back!

  2. Cyber
    Monday Apr/10/2017

    That I am! Thanks man. :)

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