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Cyberdevil's Back! Again. 2016.

I woke up feeling a bit shitty today. My head dull and heavy, but at the end of the day the ache is all gone, and albeit probably helped by a dose of the always reliable magnesium supplements, I feel like my good mood probably chased it away. On what occasion wouldn't the rowdiest of headaches phase me!? The day after that time when a month-long collaborative effort between me and Jabun is finally out! YEAH. :D

It's on NG, SC and YT so far, and will probably be added here as well before the weekend. Check it out through one of the above if you haven't already - and do leave a comment if any impressions come to mind! It's a different kind of jive this time, so it'd be interesting to hear your thoughts if you have any. The responses on NG so far have been entirely positive, but not particularly wordy.

Though I wrote the verse on impulse in the middle of a sauna session this summer (I took a break - notepads don't fare too well in the sauna), it took a while before I polished it up and put it to voice, and a while before I sent it to Nick, and a comparatively very short while after that before he had a beat ready to work with! It's all shaped after the verse - which is both unorthodox and a bit off-beat, so kudos to him on managing to make it all flow together. A little bit of nit-picking here and there, ad-libs, opting for optimal loudness leveld later: it's out! It's done!

And that's why today's been awesome.

Well, that's about it. Have a listen if you like and speak your mind! I'll be back with a couple of smaller projects this weekend. See you then.

UPD: It's up here too! Here.


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