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Cyberdevil's Back (1:34)

I'm BACK! Well I was... back in 2013 when... I made this... better late than never right? Copying in my description from NG below.

I was planning on posting this shortly after summer commemorating my grand return, but as seems to be tradition time flies like a dragon, blazing up trails of fury along azure cloudscapes! Better late forever than never ever though.. right?

Lyrics/vocals are mine. Music, production and masterful mastering is all courtesy of Jabun. A mound of thanks to him for making this simple verse into a subtly sublime track! Without further ado...


Cyberdevil, Jabun...

Cyberdevil's back 4x

Cyberdevil's back to rebel and to rap
To review and crack down on anything whack
That appears on the portal, do a summersault and saltomortal
And blam that crap! Go to attack with a macked out bat!!

He's got plans for platinum tracks but wait a Mac 10
There are no platinum tracks what the hell happened
The redesign back in 2009 or was it after that?
All this scat went whack
We used to have diamond, silver and gold
I'm not imagining things it wasn't only what I was told
I was here back then great years with many peers
And the tracks had stats based on how they were shared
Well, it's not like I really care...
I don't really fear change but - there's a scary air in here!
I don't embrace change for the sake of changing, I'm not complaining, I'm back from a great vacation
So let's get rid of these drop down menus, I see NG expanding on so many other venues, gotta fight enough!
It's a dead fuse now but let us light it up! And let us let loose, it's a rap
I'm just here to say, Cyberdevil's back yeah

Cyberdevil's back 6x


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