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Cyberdyze Hacked

You might have noticed the message below if you visited the site earlier today:

Fatal Inside Was Here!

Contactar: [email protected]

We are:Nolsystem, HeR0, CvIr.system, Putus, Scream. []

Well, the site is back online now and it seems that they didn't do any damage except change my index page with the message above. ^ Which I have now changed back.

I am changing passwords, some links and adding additional site security so that this won't happen again. If you have hacking skills and you're not one of the D.I.V. morons, please visit and fuck up their site completely. Thank you.

UPD: All my beautiful alternative intro pages seem to have been deleted, good thing I have backups. I just found the script they were using too, nicely embedded on my server... I'll get a chance to use it on their site soon...

UPD: A second hacking attempt? I think so, but I have deleted all suspicious files now... and maybe even some other important server-based ones, but the site still works so no problems, lol.


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  1. Azrag
    Wednesday Jun/7/2006

    damn that sucks ass. hell ya I will flame the shi7 out of their server (if they are the guys who did that to cd). Anyway thats pretty gay. Not all hacking is bad but I think this sort of hacking is just mean. Well cd i hope it doesnt happen again. See ya

    0//F9 Haxx0rz!!!!!!!!!!!!1111


  2. Cyberdevil
    Wednesday Jun/7/2006

    Yeah, there are better ways to get credit than to hack sites. Eventually someone will hack the shit out of theirs . . . soon . . .

  3. Joe
    Wednesday Jun/7/2006

    Oh, that always is a pain. Thought it seems your site has grown alot since the last time I visited about a month or 2 ago.

  4. Cyberdevil
    Wednesday Jun/7/2006

    Yeah, it's growing all the time. :D It's grown a lot the past month.

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