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CyberDyze Is BACK!

At a minimal amount at the moment. :P

The forums will be up and walking (or maybe running?) next next week... as I will have more time to work on the site then considering that there is no school!!! YAY! I'll be introducing the brand new CyberD system and what it will all be about then. Although I might be going away for a 3 day vacation to visit my brother David in Östersund, I'll still have plenty of time to work on everything. Anyways...

My summer vacation was GREAT!!! I had a great time doing absolutely nothing! Which is why the sunny summer is so great, even though it rained most of the time. As usual.

Well well, I don't have time to talk... Now that the blog is finally up I'm going to bed. Tomorrow is the second worst day in the long school week schedules, it ends at 4:45 O_O . See you later on!

Btw, I got myself a new email at Gmail. Feel free to contact me if you're wondering about something! :)

I'll be back!


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  1. Cyberdevil
    Saturday Jun/3/2006

    lol, had to get first comment on this one. :)

    Great that things are getting back up, this time ill remember to backup. Haha, would you look at this.

  2. Library В» Blog Archive В» Anime
    Saturday Jun/3/2006

    [∦] 3×3 Eyes Full Metal Panic FUMOFFU Gundam Wing Naruto Neon Geneseis Evangelion Now and then, Here and there Rurrouni Kenshin Serial Experiments Lain Slayers [∦]

  3. Cyberdevil
    Saturday Jun/3/2006

    lol. WTF Library? :P

  4. Ash321
    Saturday Jun/3/2006

    Cyberdevil is back! :O

    Great to see the site back up and running!!!

  5. Cyberdevil
    Saturday Jun/3/2006

    Hey Ash! Great to see you too! :D

  6. Azrag
    Saturday Jun/3/2006


    This is teh awsome Cyberdevil! :D :D :D :D

  7. Cyberdevil
    Saturday Jun/3/2006

    Azrag!!! Great to see you back again too! :)

  8. n3s
    Saturday Jun/3/2006


  9. n3s
    Saturday Jun/3/2006

    11111 again 11111!!!!

  10. Cyberdevil
    Saturday Jun/3/2006

    ONEONEONE! l o l

    Thanks for the support N3s! ;)

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