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Cyborg Cop (1993)

Cyborg Cop (1993)

Well this was a B-movie no doubt, but I don't mind a good B-movie now and then. :)

Meet David Bradley again, that guy from the last 'American Ninja' movies. Considering their budget (or assuming they have a low budget) this movie's not that bad. They managed to get a couple of charismatic main characters, girl and boy (Alonna Shaw's the girl) and throw together a script that entertained all the way - at times even surprised. There's drama, comedy, romance (sex scene included) and plenty of action. There's not as much martial arts as I'd like, but at least there's plenty of shooting. There's also plenty of Cyborgs (plenty as in at least a couple), and speaking of those...

The Cyborg scenes are works of art, especially when you take into consideration the techniques they use to make them seem as tough as possible. They break through walls, metal benches, punch holes in walls and overall really make the weight and power of these Cyborgs visible. At times they goof up a bit, but for the most part they do a great job looking robotic and buff; punching holes in aluminum plates as if it was aluminum foil (and unlike that old Mortal Kombat movie - it's not). Considering that this is a B-movie I was surprised at the effort that went into these parts.

The main character goofs up pretty bad one time. He opens a door with his trigger hand (letting go of the weapon with that hand)... in a scene where enemies are all potentially lurking behind all corners. You'd think they could have picked up on that one! It's not the only goof, but it's one that annoyed me a bit. The gunfire doesn't need to be the most realistic; the falls don't need to seem lethal - as long as people keep falling it's good enough for me - but you just don't open a door completely unarmed at enemy HQ.

The story is simple: two cops, two brothers, one disappears; the others tries to find him. And Cyborg Cop? Well that pretty much reveals the rest of it! Pretty good movie.

 rated 3/5: not bad


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