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Cyborg Cop 2 (1994)

Cyborg Cop 2 (1994)

You know what, this is the third movie I watch this month with a scene featuring naked chicks packeting drugs in warehouses. I didn't think these things were so common! For reference, the movies in which this can be seen (that I've seen this month) are:

  • Homefront (2013)
  • The Protector (HK version, 1985)
  • Cyborg Cop 2 (of which you are now reading a review)

Just a quick observation, hrrm. The movie starts off with a drug bust. Well actually it's more of a vendetta, and the police get involved after the initial raid. It starts off very similarly to the last one: the main character gets a partner killed, and just before that he 'sacrifices' a hostage to save his partner. He's still psycho, but the villain's way worse. That dude gets arrested, gets taken to a secret facility, gets turned into a cyborg, and of course: escapes.

So it's really first and foremost the main character's fault for trying to negotiate with the bad guy instead of just waiting for SWAT to storm the building (or who knows, maybe that'd have been an even worse scenario)... and his soon-to-be girlfriend's fault for assisting in turning the bad guy into a cyborg (she doesn't actively help, but she's definitely involved). But just ignore these minor details aaaand enjoy the action!

Btw, this plot really reminds of this game (it's free, but probably doesn't work on your OS, it hasn't worked on anything for me since Windows ME), that just so happens to be one of my favorite games... just so you know. I have some awesome memories of that game... wonder if this movie inspired it? Pretty awesome coincidence, but anyway...

Fanny packs, the character had one in this and in the last movie. Crazy. Skipping topics again, I feel this could've been a breakthrough for him, this movie had a much better soundtrack, much better explosions, much grittier and more effectual action, but unfortunately it also had the same actor. I wonder how it would've turned out if someone else snatched the main spot?

The title a bit misleading. It's not about cyborg cops at all. In the last one it was a cop turned cyborg. In this, there are cyborgs and then there are cops.

The difference between these cyborgs and last generation's (apart from the name: super cyborgs) are that they have emotion. They think and feel for themselves. Rather than brainwashing them completely, there's a bracelet designed to keep them at bay; keep them from rebelling. Whomever has the bracelet is king - the good doctor confides to the female agent mentioned above as the newly made cyborg maniac ('Spartacus' - previously Starkraven) lies there idle...

The explosions are not realistic, but they are way heavier than the last one. It's especially interesting to see how they blow up miniatures for certain scenes, with quick cuts so it actually looks real. And the action's intense, great improvement since last time! Out of the three movies, this one has the most; just like Terminator 2, it's definitely the best (the soundtrack and characters remind of that one a bit). There's no steamy sex scene like in the last flick, but it all ends with what seems to be the start of a romance. There's a bit too much church music in the soundtrack (nothing to do with romance, that's just the style), but bits and pieces of it are pretty pompous.

I realize this review might feel a bit fragmented, but I don't have that patienc... I mean, but that's just how these B-movies are. If that's your poison, get a dose!

Btw, one last notice: the action choreography is much improved since the last one. Bradley deals plenty of damage, especially to ignorant anti-terrorism (in charge of that Cyborg project) agents, often making fools out of them through some creative usage of fists and other weaponry. Those scenes are some of my favorite parts. Don't expect good acting... but a good movie nevertheless!

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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