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Cyrstal Hunt (1991)

Cyrstal Hunt (1991)

A gangster boss's daughter learns that the only way to cure her father (who happens to have an incurable disease) is to get a special crystal, so she embarks on a quest to get it. Turns out that this one crystal that can heal her father is also an item of great value, and another league of (less honorable) thugs set out to get it as well. Donnie Yen's the boyfriend of the girl who's father gets killed by this gang, and he's friends with a female cop, so somehow they all get involved in this crystal hunt and it ends with a massive fight-out on top of a mountain.

That's the finale, but before that there's plenty of scheming and chasing going on, and plenty of good martial art fights. The movie feels a bit exotic in how it's a regular 90s HK action flick that actually takes place, at least towards the end, in the woods! Most of these movies take place on the concrete, so even if it's just for a short while, that adds somewhat of an Indiana-Jones-like atmosphere to the film. And it's not just the forest, there's a shrine, there's an air of mysticism even if it is mostly just action. Gunfights, fistfights, of which a few feature the one and only Michael Woods, one my favorite martial artists to never have made it as big as he deserved.

Somehow he always ends up dying in somewhat grotesque ways in the movies he's in, like getting impaled by things or choked to death, which is probably because he looks way too tough to be beaten in a legitimate manner. Arnold doesn't have shit on this guy. Imagine this guy staring in something like the Terminator movies! It'd be a reshaping of history... but it's fine as it is, no prob with Arnold, I just wish this guy had made a bigger impact on the movie biz somehow.

Anyway, this movie is a B-movie no doubt, but it's a good one, with a grand selection of all-star martial artists. Bruce Fontaine included. And best of all, the stunts are real! Good watch.

 rated 3/5: not bad


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