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Dabangg (2010)

This is really an almost exact copy of the plot in Gabbar Sing, but with a much more serious tone than the former. I'm almost starting to think that one was a parody of this... might explain some of the plot twists too... anyway, both of these were great, and although the dance scenes in this one are a bit more traditional and maybe don't seem as impressive to a foreign audience (me), the action was just as great... if not even better in how down-to-Earth the characters seem in comparison. The scenes that are meant to seem serious and emotional are serious and emotional, unlike the second movie, and yet that movie had its emotional moments too... so I can't tell if it's a parody or a remake. Whichever it is: Gabbar Sing did it flashier; but this one did it well.

Also, they fetched a ton of inspiration from the final fight scene in Flash Point (2007) in the final fight here, you know that final fight scene where they fall off the second floor, wrestle a bit, run across the fields and bash some concrete? If you've seen it, the similarities'll be impossible to miss. :) And one more thing, the main character some times looks exactly like Gomez from the Addams Family (who unfortunately died some years back). If they ever make a sequel I hope they know who they can hire! Good movie.

 rated 3/5: not bad


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