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I wonder when I stand
There upon the damm
Who I really was
Who I really am

Then I throw myself
Out over the edge
And bounce up and down
Between sky and ground

My life has no bounds
My life is even like a spikeball
I'm not wise enough
I don't know it all

I'm pulled up and I fall
I run against the wall
That's everything I know
That's all



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  1. S3C
    Wednesday Jun/28/2017

    i've been there i think...

  2. Cyber
    Wednesday Jun/28/2017

    It looks like I couldn't spell damm back in 2007 dammit. :/ Any idea which dammm it is?

  3. S3C
    Thursday Jun/29/2017

    Hoover Dam

  4. Cyber
    Thursday Jun/29/2017

    Huh, so it was the maybe most known damn in the world! Or at least: the only dam I think I know the name of. Assumed it'd be bigger, unlike this random Google image from back in the day. Good knowing.

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