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Danger One (2018)

Danger One (2018)

One night, two guys in an ambulance pick up a guy in a car crash, who unfortunately dies in their ambulance, but not before they discover his coat is lined with one million dollars worth of cash.

The first death is unintentional, but as they look at that money, that probably nobody else knows about, they start getting ideas... and as the night progresses there come deaths that aren't all as unintentional.

The Danger One is the ambulance, and the drivers become - in part unwillingly - involved in something so much bigger than themselves.

It turns out some people did know about that money after all, and both keeping it, and keeping it a secret, and keeping alive becomes all the more difficult as the dawn draws near.

It's a movie with somewhat limited scenery, and cast, and not anyone I really know that I know, but they all make a great thing together.

The props feel real, the blood feels real, the setting: a strange kind of comedy and action blend, all blends together well. The occasional budgetary special effect pops up to lower the score a bit, but overall this was a solid one. A different one. An exciting one.

Danger one. They got it done.

 rated 3.5/5: not bad at all


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