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Dangerous Khiladi (2012)

Dangerous Khiladi (2012)

Dangerous Khiladi is the story of a dangerous man, or rather - of two dangerous men.

The one dangerous man (who also happens to be a kind, yet somewhat arrogant individual, impatient and tired of a normal life) gets a lift to a casino with the other dangerous man, who sets this first dangerous man up, which leads to a dangerous cat and mouse game with one dangerous man continually out-thinking the other, chasing after a large sum of money, becoming all the more dangerous, and through death and love and drama the main dangerous character keeps getting closer and closer to that villainous secondary dangerous character - the dangerous-but-not-as-dangerous-as-the-main-character man. There's a secondary villain too, a mute girl, who almost seems to pose a larger threat than the main man - even if she is usually stuck on the sidelines. It all boils down to plenty of drama and one final showdown.

It's a good movie overall, with plenty of action, and a somewhat clever plot, yet some of the CGI effects are crappy, and the feud between the two main characters is blurred with frequent and usually unfitting bouts of comedy (which are fun, but do ruin the rare potential for tension and drama). It's fun and fast-paced, but doesn't maintain the intensity it could have had, not in action, nor in love!

Still, I am looking forward to watching the sequel! Apparently it's on route, and who knows, maybe it'll have all this movie was missing.

 rated 3/5: not bad


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