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Danny Trejo On A Roll!

He's got a lot going on... and that's not even the entire list... and he's 68 years old already! This is probably a first, an actor finding recognition this late his career, and an action actor at that. He's running around, shooting people and throwing punches like he wasn't even close to retirement age, even though he grew up in prison and on drugs. You would think such a life would make him age early. How long will he keep going? Till he's 80? 90? 100? I am amazed, I'm in a state of respect, I was amazed already before I saw the bigass list of movies he's been working on just this year! I guess Machete was the movie that fueled this sudden burst of interest for him, and I do look forward to the sequel, and all those other movies he plays a role in. Maybe he's in a rush to get as much filmed as possible before he grows old, who knows. Whatever it is, I'm not complaining. :)

A LONG List Of Movies Yet To Come


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