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Dark Angel (1990)

Dark Angel (1990)

If you thought Dolph Lundgren was a B-movie actor, you probably haven't seen any of his old movies. I admit, I'm guilty as charged! I hadn't either before this one. At least none that I can remember, but there might be more to follow now that I've seen this. It was better than expected.

This here is interesting take on angels and demons, or aliens, or whatever you wish to call them, and the action's a grand eighties à la carte! Technically it's the '90s, but surely some of the filming took place in '89... right? Greatest year of all time! The pinnacle of grimy tough guy acts such as this.

Everything's great about this movie. The action's great. The characters are great. The script's polished too. It doesn't stress the superficial things, and it doesn't get caught up on details. You see officers shrug off interviewers, or get stabbed in the back, or shoot down bad guys, and they keep moving on. The action doesn't feel overly accentuated - incidents not overly dramatized, as is often the case with action now. The explosions may be grand, and yes, that final scene where Lundgren was trying to evade the drug-induced tentacle was probably a minute longer than it needed to be, but overall it just feels... right.

I like everything about it, from Jack to Larry, to Diane with the sharp eyes, or the demonic Talec with the dim ones, as well as the intrigue, and how the title has a certain religious symbolism, or suggestion if you may, even though it's not delved into within the movie. Dolph kind of doesn't look as tough as I imagined he could have - at least not when compared to Matthias Hues, but he puts on a strong performance.

It's a great action movie from the good old days when they were at their best! Creative and fiery; always with a bar scene, strippers, partners, lovers, square cars and a rage of action. Great watch.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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