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Day After The Day

The day after the day
I'm tired but OK
I thougt I might catch a cold
But I kept the cold at bay.
I kept it away from the stables
The presents were packed on a tray
I remeber them yet.
A buddy came by to visit
And I won a badminton set!
We rode on our bikes
Instead of the stroll hike we liked
Had our new neighbor in sight -
But he never met
The cake piled high on out plates
Too much good food we ate
Till I felt like I might've eaten
Something old or rotten that wished to escape.
We caught some perch
Talked on the porch
I documented my merch
The day burned like a torch
A few calls reached our works
My brother, my sister, my cousin
And one surpriser of perps.
All in all it was on, gnarly yall!
It was a great day
The sunshine high in the sky
Not too heated, still -
It passed by as we bided our time
And checked in some time after 9-10
I read Neon Genesis Evangelion then, past 11.
Chapter 2, The End.


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