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Day After Tomorrow (2004)

Day After Tomorrow (2004)

What if the world would end tomorrow? What would it be like the day after that? I've actually had a few theories about a second ice age, and the people who made this script apparently stole my idea... unless it popped up in their heads before mine. Either way, they have their rights reserved, I'm not about to do battle over them. :)

This movie is not a very scientific movie, but its full of action, great special effects and amazing scenery (most of it digital). Before the 'apocalypse' there are lots of people, after, there aren't that many any more. It starts off with a lot of actors but after the event they've dwindled drastically, and then the real adventure starts, in a barren and isolated world. If you like unrealistic stuff (fantasy), you should see this. It's a thrilling adventure.

 rated 3/5: not bad

January, 2013

Day After Tomorrow (2004)

This movie was so much better this time around than the last time I saw it. Or was it? Maybe my memory of how it was the first time around has faded a bit, but this time, it was great. Truly. It's not just a mashup of amazing special effects, it's also a mashup of a great deal of characters and their different fates; characters all over the globe. Some of them you think are going to be main characters, but they don't live very long, others last longer, and some even survive the storm.

It's all about a storm. One big storm, or rather, three big storms that change the face of the earth and pave the way for a new ice age. It all starts with a big piece of ice breaking off, disrupting the flow of water (it was a name, but I don't remember it,... gulf stream?), the weather gets crazy all over the planet. It snows in India. It rains in New York. Los Angeles is invaded by not just one but a whole group of tornadoes. While all this is going on we follow a bunch of characters researching and predicting events, and then some who don't really do much else than try to survive the madness.

And when the storm finally breaks lose, it's chaos! it's panic! It's adrenaline! It's an intense movie, a real doomsday movie (though it is for kids so there's not a lot of blood and stuff), and you get to see the whole doomsday scenario as it plays out, and then you get to see what comes after! The actors all do a good job, though none of them really make me burst into tears, or laughter, or anything. Maybe the lack of amazing actors is what kept this flick from becoming a classic, but it's still a damn good movie. I'll recommend this if you liked Armageddon or Deep Impact or 2012 btw, it's all the same theme, and they're all great movies... and I've reviewed all of them. :P

Btw, one little tiny inconsistency in this movie: even when it's friggin freezing, the main characters don't put anything on their heads! How do they even survive without covering their heads?! That's like one of the main things about winter. To keep warm, you cover your head, or all the warmth just drains away. Maybe that is what really kept this movie from becoming a classic. Anyhow, it's still a great movie. I'll still give it a...

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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