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Day Of Reckoning (2000)

By Jack Higgins.

Read through this book by Jack Higgins recently - supposedly 'The Master' when it comes to thrillers like this.

Those are Tom Clancy's words! Did he really say that? The New York Times claims this book's good too. I wonder if the times have just changed so much since then; if a particular type of content or character was trending when it was written. Misogynistic much?

The main character's a Punisher-type guy, but without as redeeming a brutal backstory, and in the beginning of the book it doesn't even seem clear that he is the main character.

There's a bit much dialog, and simple progress event-wise, like it's the outline of an action movie more than a book. They skip details. They recap things. They describe the scenery rarely.

There's a lot of talk of wine and champagne and quality cigars though.

I get a little annoyed with the constantly aggressive jargon between the characters too - male and female or male on male - though it's fun for a while. But it ends up feeling all so superficial, and the story lacking truly visual cues and descriptions. There's just action. There's no substance behind neither antagonist nor protagonist. The showdown's disappointing. The intro promised more.

Everything's disappointing. I don't even feel the validity of the vengeance - no notable emotion - just banter. Nobody seems to care about anything.

Have I become a cultural aficionado or what? I found myself getting bored occasionally when I read through this, though maybe I've just been tired at the particular times I tried to get through this...

A good book keeps you up though. It doesn't ever manage put you to sleep.

This was maybe not that good a book after all.

I wasn't expecting anything amazing but even for a regular action pocket it feels mediocre. And too much hype.

 rated 3/5: not bad


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