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Day Shift (2022)

Day Shift (2022)

Vampire movies, it seems they're back for real now! And I found another good one!

It's not just because the ever-so-talented Jamie Foxx is in it - which is always a plus, but they have a twist. And they have good action scenes. And they the vampire mannerisms down to the finest detail, and play around with all the clich├ęs we know of. Mirrors, yupp. Fight scene with missing reflection, yupp. Sunlight, yupp. Modern stake varieties. Red eyes. Fangs - very intricate this bit. Bloodlust. Sensuality. Age. From the shotgun to the kind to everything between it, and that bangin' beautiful wife of his... Jamie doesn't have shit covered but he has character, and charisma, and the tenacity required to truly hunt the beasts of moonlight.

The main thing about it being a day job instead of a night one, that's the big twist, and witticism. And they play on it beyond what they'd need to for it to be the title.

Also check out Night Teeth if you haven't. Another good movie. Another original.

They show the Hollywood sign in the intro too - as another movie I watched recently did. I thought there were copyright issues with that... maybe no longer? Or they pay a hefty fee to feature it.

JJ Pierce btw, Karla Souza, Meagan Good, Dave Franco, Snoop The One And Only D O Double GG - and don't miss the Steve Howey and Scott Adkins sequence! They've got a lot of good names in this. Peter Stormare too. And Oliver Masucci fits his role just perfect.

I love this. Maybe ought give it a full five after all...

 rated 4.5/5: almost awesome

September, 2022

Day Shift (2022)

Just a few weeks later... and I had to see this one again. So good.

I watched a ton of interviews with Franco and Foxx too since last time, and they're great here, but those interviews... not so much. Same thing in each one. Same sayings over and over. They did a media hype round, I presume, but are media hype rounds different for Netflix specifically, or did they decide to do this themselves for this one movie, or are they always this repetitive?! Different interviews, and somewhat different questions, yet the responses somehow kept turning out the same, and the backdrop was the same, and it all felt like such a wasted opportunity... they were on independent YT channels and most barely even had any views. I wonder if that's how they usually do it, and I just happened to stumble into it all this time...

This movie though: It kicks ass. And fast. I love every second.

Foxx's acting pales in comparison to Franco's, but they're a good duo. Fox the straight man. Franco the animated. Everyone's great.

 rated 4.5/5: almost awesome


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