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Day Zero (2007)

Day Zero (2007)

America calls in people to the army, for the Iraq war. This is the story of three recruits and how they handled the requests to join. It's pretty amazing how a movie so interesting can be made about such an unextraordinary event, but it's a really interesting film. Filled with emotion, thoughts, and general drama. Not one of my favorites, but it was nicely made.

The words flow through it all like a falling waterfall, an ounce of bounce and a form of abnormality. Special and slowly flowing, it goes oh yeah it's going the flow is fresh and wallows over puddles river shallows like a swallow flies and dives and dies and crashes down and crushed by grime and dust and soft and shallow rhyme combined. You have me inspired...

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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