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Days Past (1:15)

Surrounded by nightmares that's how I'm living life here,
Not really like my peers - I realized last time I shared,
Lunch with a bunch and a buddy spilled on me and my chair,
I was like why would I care and I sat there by their chatter,
Like nothing really mattered with my platter twice cleared!

What is life who am I near? Will I change in a lightyear?
I gotta fight to feel like I might bear a little purpose I get surplus if I fare,
Well, but my surplus is like air, it's so light every little slight tears,
My sphere of perfection and I don't care for direction, still I keep on like there's,

No road to go! Have I got a gloamy soul I'm feeling oh so low...
Might be a phase to pass at least, I don't chase a glass, and I'm cold for blow.
At times I just wanna phone my bro, speak, but I don't I know I'm,
Weak, I wanna grow but I sleep, waiting for a hope or an ego peak.

And I'm in need of sleep but I don't get rest! I sleep all day but I grow so stressed!
I feel so bleak I know I'm home and blessed but I don't own my home and I get no caress.
I don't go and I don't try to do. Used to feel like I'd be proud to move,
Now I'm just feeling tired too down and uninspired - to even tidy my room,

I feel high when the moon does top the sky, day's done and I've lost the time,
But I don't give a shit now I lost my mind,


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