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Dead 7 (2016)

Dead 7 (2016)

Samurai 7 but with zombies? Why not!

It's a gritty, part sci-fi/part Walking Dead-type grunge movie where, just like in the originals, you follow a group of brave men on an honorable quest against a venerable evil, where one after the other the characters just die away until... well, watch the movie and you'll see. it's no surprise though.

Technically it's five brave men and two ladies, one of which can be seen above, who fight the zombies and their killer empress: Apocalyptica - lady of the mountain.

Maybe you have to be in a certain mindstate to appreciate tragedy, but it's got one of those endings that - no matter if the movie leading up to it wasn't perfect (choreography and consistency could've used some improvement) - more than makes up for it.

So close to giving this a four just for the end but I shouldn't go further than...

 rated 3/5: not bad


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