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Deadpool 2 (2018)

Deadpool 2 (2018)

What can I even say about this one? I mean how can I possible begin to describe it. It's a violent love story, but it's more about realization than love - more about how your actions affect others, but it's Deadpool, so you know a lot of those action that affects others is the ACTION type of action - and it often affects them in a way that leaves them dead or mutilated or severely wounded.

It's a strange blend of witty remarks, crude humor, and serious, heartfelt moments. Action, too, of course. And it's not just Deadpool this time but his whole gang: X-Force.

Domino was a nice appearance, Gabe from the future a bad-ass Dolph-like lookalike and Juggernaut... well he wasn't around so long, but the rest were great. An appreciated gathering of both old and new faces - and some surprise cameos. I mean I won't spoil them. They're great surprises. The whole movie is like one big great surprise.

It's an intense, artistic medley of... I know not what to call it, but although I sometimes feel like it could've taken a few breaks somewhere and maybe slowed down just a little amidst the most intense moments, I also had a blast.

Marvel nail the CGI too. The CGI-only battles might look a bit fake in a while (the motions already do) but for the most part it's all just grimy. I mean it's good. Great, even. It's a family movie... in a way. It's all well worth a watch but I'm not sure it's something for just about anybody. If you're new to the Deadpool franchise: best look into this with caution.

And watch the first one first.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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