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Deadpool (2016)

Honestly, I was expecting more from this.

People have been hyping it up so much, saying it's so over the edge and awesome and unlike the regular superhero movie, that I was going for out-of-this-world-amazing-absolute-5-maybe-6-score-review on this one, but apart from dick-rich dialog and an abundance of clowning around in conversation, it really wasn't that unlike similar sinister attempts of the past, like Kick-Ass or Sin City.

I watched Sin City just a few days ago, and compared to that this actually felt a bit toned down. The violence was not all that brutal, and the sex scenes were not all that unveiled (though they were creative). It still had the cliche all-the-good-guys-survive ending too.

Granted, seeing a Marvel-level movie of this sort was definitely something out of the ordinary. Combining the big budget shots with the regular anti-hero super-hero Deadpool (pretty cool guy), and even throwing in a couple of X-Men - albeit not the most famous ones: that's not something you see everyday.

I liked it. Some jokes were a bit crude, but overall, I enjoyed the spontaneity of it all, and that way Deadpool's eyes widen, and he tilts his neck. He just seems so much more expressive than the average semi-hero super-guy. Talking to the audience was a nice touch too.

The more I think about what made this movie different, the more I realize how different it really was. I guess I was expecting the action sequences in particular to be way over the edge, with blood and guts everywhere, but that's not the type of movie this was, and I'm glad it wasn't.

The differences lie elsewhere. They lie in the actions, not the action. They're in the impulses. They're in the going-against-all-stereotypes thing, and not wanting to be a superhero, and seeing an X-Man throw-up, or the main character cut his arm off, or tell a blind lady she better get out of the room. Subtle differences.

But the action: that was pretty normal. That was Marvel-style awesome as always - if you've started to consider that normal by now. I was just way too hyped about this movie, feeling like this was going to transcend everything I'd watched this year, or last year, or maybe a decade or two in the past as well. As for movies to watch this year, yeah, it's probably up there among the greats! If you want spontaneous and unrestricted + superhero movie, here's the perfect combination!

And also, it's got Gina Carano! Great watch.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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  1. S3C
    Friday May/6/2016

    no crisp high 5/5? I look forward to seeing it 3-4 years on standard cable.

  2. Cyber
    Friday May/6/2016

    Nope, not this time either! Hope you get some above standard cable man.

  3. Jabun
    Friday May/20/2016

    Fair review, Sir. Sad times with the overhype. I very much enjoyed it, though I saw it at our local premier too so there was no post-screening hype campaign for me :D I'm definitely glad they didn't go overboard with gore and the violence was tasteful and to the funny side to me. Agreed some of the jokes were a pretty "Oh dear" but definitely a solid 5 in my book :D

  4. Cyber
    Friday May/20/2016

    Heey, good to see you commenting here too! :D Thanks for the mini-review!

    The local premier sounds like a potentially even extra-grander occasion to see it on. :) Yepp, agreed, and tasteful's a good way to word the levels of violence... unlike some of those jokes. :P I did enjoy it too. Hope my disappointment over the over-hype doesn't flare brighter than the positive impressions...

  5. S3C
    Wednesday Sep/14/2016

    ok cool another commenter! what's up Jabun

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