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Death At A Funeral (2010)

Death At A Funeral (2010)

You never know what can wrong at a funeral! Or in this case: everything goes wrong.

Maybe most notably the Valium goes missing, only it's really not Valium, a midget shows up with an unwanted secret, Uncle Russel's in a bad mood, Derek still wants his girl back and Ryan and Aaron just can't get along. Both intrigue and comedy's set at an early stage.

And the actors are fantastic. Props James Marsden on maybe the best performance of all.

Chris Rock, though he holds a lead role, is probably one of the least funny characters here, but they're all iconic in their own way. If they don't have you laughing out loud they at least have you smiling, or recognizing certain quirks and personality traits you can relate to. It's a big family, and a big set of folks outside the family too.

It's a movie about a funeral, and as such it's all set in a single place, but they really make the most of it! When it's over you wish it never really would've ended after all. How the most mundane things are turned into such memorable moments. I'm always impressed when they do it.

I watched this one a few years back, and a few years before that, and I'll probably watch it again, too. Props Kevin Hart, Martin Lawrence, Tracy Morgan Tracy Morgan, Danny Glover, Keith David, Columbus Short, Regina Hall, all of the above and beyond. It's not often you get these many awesome guys in one movie. I haven't seen the old version of the movie with the same name (it's a dominantly white cast in that one) but I'd doubt it if it compares to this. This is just comedy with the perfect kind of crazy, and so much of it thanks to James Marsden, but it wouldn't be anything without their chemistry all together.

Great watch.

 rated 5/5: friggin awesome


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