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Death Hunt (1981)

Death Hunt (1981)

Yukon, 1962, a Wild West we seem to forget about. Maybe because it wasn't the West (I have no idea - my geographical US compass sucks)?

Either way this is the story of a trapper, who lives in that time and place, saves a dog from a fight, and gets into a grievance with the dog's owner.

The owner is out for blood, and though he acts in self defense when that owner seeks to claim it, the law soon comes after him too - led by the venerable Mountie Millen (Lee Marvin).

At first he didn't seem so venerable, but he's not bad after all. A wild place requires a wild man.

Oh did I mention the main character here's played by none other than Charles Bronson?

Bronson shines in the lead role, and his dangerous, but humble and down to Earth persona is something I notice I really miss in modern movies. The hero with a bit less attitude. The silent type. The mysterious. The hero that, even at the end, we don't know much about after all.

Not that he's really a HERO, per se...

It's a good movie, as much in the sceneries as in the chase. Authentic. It's a bit like Death Wish (reminds me I really need to see the new one) but out of the city. The name's similar too. It feels very obviously inspired.

Forgotten gem? If you haven't seen it then I guess it is.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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