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Deep Blue Sea 3 (2020)

Deep Blue Sea 3 (2020)

They really brought it back with this one! Could've had a better cover though. Even if I do appreciate the twist. Flipped it around a bit. Changed the angle, though they kept the scene the same...

The movie itself did more than just repeat the first all over again in a new way though, like the last one did. They settled on an exotic little cove as the new HQ, mixed in a little more relatable save-the-world-from-rising-oceans and save-the-sea motives instead of the God complex and science ones, found a great main actress with Tania Raymonde, and a bad-ass bodyguard with Shaw (Emerson Brooks).

He really went out with a bang; the best way possible. Feels.

I love the location (South Africa if you're wondering), I love the underwater filming, I love the casual clothing the new milieu allows, the focus on water, the refreshing levels of lighting compared to the previous, the sometimes psychedelic and synthy soundtrack that doesn't seem to directly play on old Jaws inspirations any longer but actually brings in something new, and the plotline progresses nicely!

Feels like the whole pre-destruction phase didn't really contribute that much, after a while the intrigue started feeling drawn out, and the coastal town destruction showed the budget, but when they're back to the sharks again it's like they found their place, and those essential moments are where this movie really shines. From the first half of a body rolling by to that heavy pressure ending. And when they do have their occasional human dialog swap it's not all bad this time either.

The hearing aid bit. Shaw's determination. The final dive. The script felt way better overall, with gems strewn around even the drawn out parts.

Couldn't have asked for a more conclusive finale! They bring it all full circle in a good way, and found a small but solid cast for closure.

I really enjoyed this. Now hope they don't try to milk it further and wind up disappointing again...

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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