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Delta Force 2 (1990)

Delta Force 2 (1990)

This one is quite different from the prequel. It's not a war zone anymore, it's an infiltration. Lee Marvin's not in it, but they found a good replacement, and of course Chuck Norris has the lead role. This time, he's the lead right from the start. The movie features a lot of crazy stunts. Maybe not as obvious as in the last movie, but they do seem pretty dangerous. When he's climbing that mountain for one, he's not always wearing a wire. The biggest stunt is not by a lead character though, cause you gotta agree, jumping without a parachute has to be one crazy stunt, right? Good thing there's IMDB to check up on how things really went down instead of just believing everything you see. Oh wait, they don't know anything about that. What they do know is that a helicopter actually crashed during the filming, and four people died upon impact. RIP.

As for the movie, there's a lot of action. They did get rid of that unsuitable patriotic music that popped up when the situation should have been desperate (n the first one) and, well, it's a good movie. It is just nowhere near as good as the first one. I guess this one didn't cut it with the fans, either, since they never made a third. Isn't that the fate of all potential Chuck Norris trilogies? Oh well. One day!

 rated 3/5: not bad


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