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Den Of Thieves (2018)

Den Of Thieves (2018)

If only they'd gotten the special effects right from the start of this movie it could've been awesome! The ending scene: pure awesome. This'll be the one that goes down in history as that one with the line of cars. So brutal.

It's a gritty cops and robbers movies similar to Takers, or more so the movie I last compared to that one - the classic Heat (1995). Unfortunately lack of notable destructive force on objects and scenery when they wield their often heavy weaponry brings the score down a bit. It looks fake, sometimes, and the characters feel a bit more forced than their classic counterparts. The dialogue's not quite as poetic either.

Everything else: from the chases to the action exchange, to the coupe itself in all its meticulous planning, is impressive. Some moments come off as improbably successful close calls, but when it's done... woah.

Gerard Butler puts on a great tough guy role, and the bad guys aren't bad either (there's 50 Cent too! He's starting to get some good roles).

I was going to say it needed a little more, that it tried to match up to the aforementioned classic and didn't quite cut it, but when it's over... so close to a five!

The key element here is authentic toughness. No mercy. No compromise. The only thing that bugs me - apart from the lacking special effects, is how some characters come off as a bit naive when it's all over, as in: where's their contingency plan?! They really went into that bank looking like they had nothing to lose. Though we know they did. And they do.

But it was still awesome. Might be the best action thriller this year.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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