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Derty (3:24)

Yeah, the day is gray I awoke late anyway. Brushed my teeth ate my oatmeal grabbed my coat and went away. Outside, where the rain was waiting when I went to stray, in Bahamas on vacation, a storm was on it's way. I caught a the glimpse of the sun the only one for two weeks to come I stayed inside in my room with my drum and my headphones and words in my head I phoned a friend back in Sweden and I heard that the sun was shining there and man it's just so absurd the world I could type Qwerty cause the world is so derty. But now my keyboard aint working, I feel like just going berserk in, this tear-jerking life were nothings worth the stride and nothings working I just let time pass by and I don't get shit done! Why do I have to be the only one, and it sounds.

And nothing really fits, and nothing really matters, and every time I spit I feel like it means the latter. And sometimes people tell me something sometimes I don't listen, ever feel like putting yourself in my position? I suppose you're just the same for everyone life is a game, just the same rain same storm same useless reborn. Same song same refrain same rant same complaint so why don't I smile and just keep my silence instead of distorting the world by my lens. I don't resort to any useless forms of violence, no sense in it, I won't let my sense slip, so I'll just seal my lips and let the sound take the hit.


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