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ink21 #23 doodle (greenscrow)


The environmentalists and their green screams? But only cowards go flee dreams.

ink21 #22 doodle (flameynyon)


Triss color. This power.

ink21 #21 doodle (feeldz)


Ring around the rosy yo see? Okidoki go be nosy. Pinocchio be like:
Field this.

or Field trip.

ink21 #20 doodle (twentytwenty twotwo)

twentytwenty twotwo

Crack a tootoo. Take the train. Train up you fool. Raise your brain. Play the flute flute. Ain't the same. Pray the huge tools. May complain.

Twenty twenty one won? Two two soon too done done. Toot toot run run.


ink21 #19 doodle (cybernint)


Like the cloud. Like the scythe. This life... passes us byes.

ink21 #18 doodle (masklab)


Earthworm. Swedish learn term.

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