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ink22 #28 doodle (red redemption)

red redemption

AKA civilization. AKA the game. Red dead.

ink22 #27 doodle (green peas)

green peas

Too green...?

They really are a commendable organization though.

Wanted to expand upon this with a ship and some legit peas onboard.

Some other time.

ink22 #26 doodle (the bowl)

the bowl


If you have no food... feast the eyes yeah?

ink22 #25 doodle (night terrace)

night terrace

Didn't turn out as I hoped this one. Had a good idea in mind but... not this day.

A terrace at night. A reflection and sight. Obstructed by blight and shrubbery...

ink22 #24 doodle (lightning hours)

lightning hours

For the force. The twentyfourth.

ink22 #23 doodle (the beast)

the beast

This might be the one I'm most proud of this year.

He's but a dog... but of the bog. A downright dweller, of something hellish. A keeper of gates. A greeter of fates. A demon awaits, and not on a leash... he is... the beast.

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