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ink22 #24 doodle (lightning hours)

lightning hours

For the force. The twentyfourth.

ink22 #23 doodle (the beast)

the beast

This might be the one I'm most proud of this year.

He's but a dog... but of the bog. A downright dweller, of something hellish. A keeper of gates. A greeter of fates. A demon awaits, and not on a leash... he is... the beast.

ink22 #22 doodle (pump kin)

pump kin

Get it, cause it's Halloween soon? And this is? So because it's...?

Yeah you got it.

ink22 #21 doodle (pumpkin)


Early Halloween gumption! It's something.

Some day finna actually try one of these for real.

ink22 #20 doodle (squaree)


A puree of squares. Dreary like dairy for vegans. Seeking a yearly allegiance. Surely all caring and meaning but...


ink22 #19 doodle (politically correct artwork 2)

politically correct artwork 2

Totally not me being lazy or anything... this is art! Activism! ACTION! Protest in its purest form, against the shambles of democracy and this new shunning of true free speech and expression!

See the original for an added dimension of this particular concept.

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