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ink22 #14 doodle (scramble eggworld)

scramble eggworld

Scrambled, fried, dead, alive! All equally good. Just differently tried.

(Chickens best cuddled with.)

Plus wordplay on world.

ink22 #13 doodle (ditto ditto)

ditto ditto

Just one of my favorite Pokémon of all time.

Basically all Pokémon of all time. At once. The one time. In the one.

Game over.

ink22 #12 doodle (blood)


Yes. That's all. A matter of splatter. Quick drawl.

ink22 #11 doodle (ilunimaze)


Dual layers. True prayers. Do save Earth? But amaze a maze.

ink22 #10 doodle (sci-fer wav)

sci fer wav

Let's see if anyone figures this one out...

ink22 #9 doodle (crappy blue animals)

crappy blue animals

Title says it all!

I'm really not proud of this one but... that's how this one turned out.

It all started with the ant-eater...

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