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Xotics Cyberdevil

Here's me as Xotic portrayed me. Twas a long time ago, in a 'Draw Me' thread, but it was long lost and forgotten until just decently found, heh. Do ya see the resemblance? I love the facial expression, lmfao :2

Xotics Cyberdevil

Bob - It's All Me

It's all me, 2006 - 2007. Might post a bigger version of this later, but I'll have to cut out some of the crappier photos in this bundle, there's space for more too.

All Bob


The satellites are following you, they swoop down to get a picture. Calls are traced. Addresses and personal information are neatly archived in fast supercomputers. There are already many sites available to find people, I wondered how it would be in the future. How about pictures of all citizens, the ability to trace millions of people by satellite in present time, viewable on Internet mapping interfaces and the function to call people directly from your computer, free. Neat, but scary. Heres a rough draft:

Peoplefinder Idea

New Userbars!

Whats a site without them? So, I made two couples for both CyberDyze and CyberDoze in 3 different colors with and without images included. Here you go! use them on forums and in emails as you please. I'm planning on adding a userbar section to the site too - a small directory with images and codes to link to them, later.


Cyberdozer 2


Cyberdyzer 2

Elvis Remade

I just read the newest Elvis comic in metro and came up with the great idea of translating it to English and putting it up here for you all to read! :D I was thinking of maybe even adding a section to the site with Elvis in English, and asking the original author for permission. View the comic below, and please give me some comments. :D Click image for big version.

Elvis Remade

Elvis the Site

Piracy Design Project

Today I finally made my long-awaited comeback to jujitsu! :D

Under the few months I had to stay home, including the Christmas vacation, I've gained about 6 kilos! O_o Despite that I still feel like I'm in a much better shape than before, maybe since I actually decided to work out every day for the past week now. Also, weight is a great advantage when wrestling... I just sit on my opponent and they give up! ;) So I have to keep eating... and exercising. That's the sumo wrestlers way of combat, although I have no intention of gaining that much weight, lol.

Now for a minor news announcement involving my Graphical Design course in school. Our latest project was to make the layout for a 2 (A4) page article. Also adding/drawing pictures for it. I came up with the brilliant idea to put up the project on my site, and design it as a web page (with no working links though). The article within the layout is also written by me, so I can take all the credit! :) The small pictures are drawn by me, the big skull is from pirates of the Caribbean (which I modified a little), and then there's also a photo that I have no idea where I got it from. Check it out!

The article is about piracy BTW, and can also be found in the library. It fully expresses my opinions and thoughts about it.

Hu-vah-uu-ahh! (Good night in Finnish)

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