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Elvis Remade

I just read the newest Elvis comic in metro and came up with the great idea of translating it to English and putting it up here for you all to read! :D I was thinking of maybe even adding a section to the site with Elvis in English, and asking the original author for permission. View the comic below, and please give me some comments. :D Click image for big version.

Elvis Remade

Elvis the Site

Piracy Design Project

Today I finally made my long-awaited comeback to jujitsu! :D

Under the few months I had to stay home, including the Christmas vacation, I've gained about 6 kilos! O_o Despite that I still feel like I'm in a much better shape than before, maybe since I actually decided to work out every day for the past week now. Also, weight is a great advantage when wrestling... I just sit on my opponent and they give up! ;) So I have to keep eating... and exercising. That's the sumo wrestlers way of combat, although I have no intention of gaining that much weight, lol.

Now for a minor news announcement involving my Graphical Design course in school. Our latest project was to make the layout for a 2 (A4) page article. Also adding/drawing pictures for it. I came up with the brilliant idea to put up the project on my site, and design it as a web page (with no working links though). The article within the layout is also written by me, so I can take all the credit! :) The small pictures are drawn by me, the big skull is from pirates of the Caribbean (which I modified a little), and then there's also a photo that I have no idea where I got it from. Check it out!

The article is about piracy BTW, and can also be found in the library. It fully expresses my opinions and thoughts about it.

Hu-vah-uu-ahh! (Good night in Finnish)

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