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ink22 #10 doodle (sci-fer wav)

sci fer wav

Let's see if anyone figures this one out...

ink22 #9 doodle (crappy blue animals)

crappy blue animals

Title says it all!

I'm really not proud of this one but... that's how this one turned out.

It all started with the ant-eater...

ink22 #8 doodle (the all greeen)

the all greeen

All green? All blue? All dreams. All true. For me. For you. Foreseen. For Sue.

ink22 #7 doodle (work with energy)

work with energy

Just a visual pun on my workplace. If you knew where I worked... you'd know.

ink22 #6 doodle (zippa zee)

zippa zee

Zipping around at ulterior speed. Feeling the ground, and weeding the trees.
We huddle around; we see what we see. That nature is freaky, but sleek and serene.
And reaching the skies, the sun in our eyes, spots - that seem blue and green.

Picture and poetry somewhat unrelated.

ink22 #5 doodle (showcones)


Not the edible kind.

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