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ink22 #8 doodle (the all greeen)

the all greeen

All green? All blue? All dreams. All true. For me. For you. Foreseen. For Sue.

ink22 #7 doodle (work with energy)

work with energy

Just a visual pun on my workplace. If you knew where I worked... you'd know.

ink22 #6 doodle (zippa zee)

zippa zee

Zipping around at ulterior speed. Feeling the ground, and weeding the trees.
We huddle around; we see what we see. That nature is freaky, but sleek and serene.
And reaching the skies, the sun in our eyes, spots - that seem blue and green.

Picture and poetry somewhat unrelated.

ink22 #5 doodle (showcones)


Not the edible kind.

ink22 #4 doodle (carry the week)

carry the week

Carry the week/Carry the weak/Carrie (1976) = suitable treat for Halloween.

But that's not what this all means.

ink22 #3 doodle (swhirld)


My world's a swirl. The world it swirls.

If it stops we'd hurl to outer space and thus there'd be no outer race.


I just really like doing these repetitive; pattern-based kinds of motives.... kinda time-consuming though.

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