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ink22 #4 doodle (carry the week)

carry the week

Carry the week/Carry the weak/Carrie (1976) = suitable treat for Halloween.

But that's not what this all means.

ink22 #3 doodle (swhirld)


My world's a swirl. The world it swirls.

If it stops we'd hurl to outer space and thus there'd be no outer race.


I just really like doing these repetitive; pattern-based kinds of motives.... kinda time-consuming though.

ink22 #2 doodle (inflames solstice)

inflames solstice

Surprise great metal band homage in title - not sure why they specifically came to mind now.

Just playing around here. With the gold and the green. With the flow and sheen...

ink22 #1 doodle (bluenose dragobreath)

bluenose dragobreath

It starts kinda slow yeah I know... but here we go again! Daily Inktober doodles for the month. Shall upload 'em all in one fast batch as to clog y'all feeds as minimally as possible...

Attempted to doodle a dragon with this one.

Kinda turned out like that dog in Naruto.

Grattis Rasmus!

Grattis Rasmus!

Thought I'd share the birthday card I drew up for my nephew this year. :) He turned 22 yesterday! Time truly flies, under newlit skies with tulip eyes...

Grattis = Congrats! Our official local 'Happy Birthday' phrase alternation most commonly used in honor of said occasion.

Rasmus = His name.

The Devil Awakens

The Devil Awakens

Thank you kindly @rocknight1991! :) For my possibly dopest; most exotic fan art yet. Source here.

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