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Little Bird Surfing On Shark Fin

Little Bird Surfing On Shark Fin

I requested this apparently. :) Much obliged @cupheadswife!

An Isle A Minit In Pixel

An Isle A Minit In Pixel

Shout out almighty @IdiotOnTheInternet for this! Based upon this. Source.

Actually found the thread again via the filename via Google. Post history was abrim with newer posts. On-site search didn't work well either. Apparantely it's a useful habit to not rename files if you happen to not post about them right away and might possibly forget from where said file originally originated entirely... as I apparently had in this case!

How could I possibly forget @IdiotOnTheInternet!!!

In this particular case I think I shall not rename said file at all. As a testament to sourcing usability and fortune. Much obliged G. For this time. Only this time.

It's a very-belated-on-the-blog An Isle A Minit In Pixel y'all.

Small but meticulous hombre homage.

Think Tank Shark

Think Tank Shark

Think tank with the fin ramped in classy NG finish man. This dank.

Shout out @Camuspuff!

UPD: Apparently Camuspuff is no longer. :/ I've unlinked the name above. Maybe you can still find his profile or the source thread in an archive somewhere. If not... at least there's still this. Shall keep thread link intact for posterity, even if it does not lead anywhere now.

Frankenstein Doomguy

Frankenstein Doomguy

Got my PFP unintentionally redrawn as Frankenstein. Thank ya @anymany!

Source here.

ink21 #31 doodle (hello hell)

hello hell

Happy Halloween y'all! To everyone at CDB too. ;)

Inktober 2021. We through.

ink21 #30 doodle (furteea)


Started drawing one thing and thought of another.

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