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Cyberdevil T-Shirt!

Cyberdevil T-Shirt

Look at what came into my feed today! :D Hey. Well it was a while back but I'm posting late, as usual. Inspired me to write and record a little thing too.

Y'all better go support this dude right away. Don't wait now.

Happy Pixel Day

One Pixel Artwork

Bit low on time, so I just threw together this one small pixel artwork.

Happy Pixel Day y'all.



Get it? Sea the pun? Never mind.

Jacob Lenstar's Cyberdevil

It's a bit late now, but Jacob Lenard's doing some $10 commissions, if anyone wants an iconic character portrait like so.

Cyberdevil With FLowers

Cyberdevil In Screen

Pretty cool. :)

CyberDevil With Burger by Snackers

CyberDevil with Burger

Now with added burger and entertainment factor. :) It's Snackers y'all!

CyberDevil by Snackers V2

CyberDevil by Snackers V2

Now with added detail and uHD. :) Appreciate it Snackers!

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