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Inktober 2019

So once again this thing is done! New tag and all.

It was a bit different this year, with audio instead of art... actually I did art as well as audio, but the latter hasn't been posted here yet. Okay it's been posted too now.

I didn't stray a day while away in Lithuania during the middle of the month this time, though what a coincidence I'd be away in Lithuania this October too? You can hear a verse recorded in my hotel room there. Actually it wasn't Lithuania at all, it was Estonia. My bad. I did take a trip to Lithuania too, though, some other month...

Either way the Inktober stuff's both done and fun with now. I didn't get to trying anything similar to the DS thing back in 2017, but maybe next year. Two projects in parallel is good enough. I'm pretty proud. Fought a cold twice, persevered; made it through!

Drawing art is really not half as hard as audio. You can do the latter even if you're bedridden or away. No state a limit. No place no finish. The race diminished. High praise and... tiredness. I'll rest.

You can check out last Inktober here if you like.

Happy Halloween.

Inktober #31 Umpking


Happy Halloween y'all.

Clean version here.

Inktober #30 Time Funk

Time Funk

It's a new world... just like the old one. Alien just like us.

James Heart might've inspired this one.

Inktober #29 Bloodswirls


Tried it white first. Black is better. Blood it dries slow. Vile is wetter. See the meaning. Try the word show. Burst your bubble. World is turned cold. Worse the turncoat. Wear it quick. See the sights and feel it stick.

Not sure where I'm going with this but the feeling is.

Inktober #28 Turtle Turtle

Turtle Turtle

Thought I'd draw a turtle today. A turtle turtle. That hurdles murders! Goes further further! Inkturtle turtle.

Inktober #27 AAAAA


AAAAA don't really know where aaa was going with this one. Maybe another plane. Maybe another planet.

Maybe I'm on a comet.

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