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ink21 #31 doodle (hello hell)

hello hell

Happy Halloween y'all! To everyone at CDB too. ;)

Inktober 2021. We through.

ink21 #30 doodle (furteea)


Started drawing one thing and thought of another.

ink21 #29 doodle (too chain popo)

too chain popo

If you like cryptic shiznit: Something with Two Chainz, something with another rapper, something with the law, something with the color of; something with it all.

ink21 #28 doodle (twentyate)


How can I mask this? I can't. Like matchsticks.

Twenty ate .

ink21 #27 doodle (messiwaves)


Only element I feel at home with, yet it bows down for no man. The lethal of oceans. Abode for our ancestors. Open and potent.

Go wave and *explosion*

ink21 #26 doodle (dottott)


The show must go on. The flow and Iran.

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