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Despicable Me 2 (2013)

Despicable Me 2 (2013)

Despicable Me
really wasn't bad either. The first one wasn't bad, and neither was this one. In fact, this was way better then the first, not only with the main character moving further and further away from the evil schemes of world domination, and finally coming to terms with his emotions and fostering a family, to meeting Lucy - a pretty spectacular spy! Spectacular as in = interesting.

The script's plenty eventful, and the minions are always in the background too, so even when there isn't there's always something going on. I guess that's where this and the Megamind franchise draw apart, in how the former somehow seems toned down without such a surplus of sidekicks, even though the script was sooo much more pun-drunk and polished. That's the reason I still can't seem to give these movies the credit they're due - because another movie took the fall for their spotlight.

I have to admit it though: they're not bad. The drawn-out and mostly-undercover chase after the nefarious Macho man and his giant magnet is a most entertaining venture, and thanks to those countless yellow (and occasionally purple) critters it never gets dull. It's a blast from start to finish, with a little relationship drama along the way. Good watch.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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