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Destroyer (2018)

Destroyer (2018)

No it's not about a submarine. I thought that too at first.

It's a typical run down cop story... with a twist. Reminds me of Memento. Hope that's not a spoiler.

Nicole Kidman (she's so in character I had no idea it was her!) plays a killer main character though. It's unusual with a female lead - well at least it used to be, but even more unusual now with a weak female lead. A rundown one, I mean. She's strong in her own way. But a lead that shows weakness, and bad personality traits, while at the same time being female. That's new. Now. That's unusual.

I feel in these overly feminist times that's a rare thing to dare showcase, and thus it's something I'm also happy to see. The world like it is. Nuances.

And she's a pretty bad-ass persona too - run down or no.

The movie's definitely not one of the most positive ones I've seen in recent times though. It leaves you... feeling like you've watched a good movie, but not particularly happy about it.

It's simple. it's complex. It combines flashbacks with real-time in a clever way, family relations and work, existential tidbits, and the time's as much a mesh as the rest of the movie.

It's refreshing that way. Refreshingly truthful too, and dark, even on the bright of day.

The atmosphere reminds me a bit of Dirty - another cop movie with similary saturated scenery, which I both liked and didn't like at the same time. Didn't like mainly because it was plain depressing. And this was similar, though thankfully it also felt like a movie with a cause.

It feels like a new take on the subgenre, and a very personal story that follows a sequence of events that doesn't necessarily seem obvious, or linear, but in the end makes sense after all. I do like this one.

You'll see when it goes full circle.

It is dark, but there's a light at the end of the tunnel after all. It's like a movie made up of those moments you see when your journey's over, and your life flickers in front of your eyes - one last time.

 rated 4.5/5: almost awesome


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