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Detective Knight: Redemption (2022)

Detective Knight: Redemption (2022)

Bruce Willis is back at it again!

I'm a little baffled, since he does speak, and seems to speak decently when he does. Why not more lines? Why can't they piece together something that seems like a natural conversation? If he has difficulties they manage to hide them well, but it does halt the flow of conversation sometimes. It feels like one of the things this movie lacks: proper dialog.

The other part is believable pace and script. Like how did Conlan not have a better safeguard for the family? Why did he let his B-team get busted if he overheard the conversation?

It's a little disappointing they bring back the one guy from the dead - who was clearly shot to death in the last movie - just so he can die again.

It's a little disappointing we don't see the female detective again at the end too, and hear her redeemed opinion on Knight as well.

It's a little disappointing the vault of the 1% wasn't a little bit bigger too...

It started so promising, but leaves off unfortunately disappointing. Again.

Like with the latter it feels like it could've built to a better showdown considering how brutal the intro was, but alas it's more like a TV soap opera after all. I'm still happy to see Bruce Willis, and it's nice things all work out in the end, but the wholesomeness of this movie...?

Not 100%.

 rated 3/5: not bad


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