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Dhoom (2004)

Dhoom (2004)

Ok, I'll be honest, I thought this was going to be about Doom. I thought it was going to be a Bollywood version of the Hollymood movie with similar name based on similar game, that failed to live up to it's reputation, buuuut... no such luck.

Fortunately, it turned out be a great movie anyway! I'm not sure why people look down on Bollywood movies so much (they do in the Wstern hemisphere, shamefully), because this is a prime example of how many of them are and how they're supposed to be... and why I need to start watching more Bollywood movies! There's the traditional dancing and romance (much unlike superficial Western mimickery) and also the less traditional action. Motorbikes, speed, fights on rooftops, boat rides, car chases, crazy jumps, cops and robbers, a plot that's not entirely generic and will provide you with plenty of unexpected twists along the way!

Not to forget, plenty of entertainment.

In a way this is like an Indian version of Fast & Furious. There's the same clash between good and bad, the good guy falling in love with one of the bad girls, regular races that spiral into something a bit more violent... come to think of it, the plot is almost entirely the same! The good guy goes undercover (well at least he doesn't start out a cop in this one), there's that grand final heist that doesn't go as planned and... well you'll see, if you watch it. I'm off to see the sequel...

 rated 3/5: not bad


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