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Die Hard (1988)

Die Hard (1988)

It's a classic!

The first Die Hard movie really was something else, and whatever formula they used to make it still holds today. I wish they could've toned down the focus on interviewers and cops outside the building - the leucocratic aspect of it all, but the action inside the building is as pure as it gets. Professional. Gritty, violent and desperate, but clean. The villain isn't dumb, and maybe it's just dumb luck that John McClane (Bruce Willis) manages to see his fall through, but he makes it look achievable. They don't just shoot all over the place and run around dodging bullets: there's a strategy to the violence. A plan. A purpose. In the end, it's the believable approach to this action-aspect of the movie that sets it apart from so many other blockbusters you'll eventually forget.

Bruce Willis is an authentic tough guy too. Unprepared. Barefoot. Soon bare-chested too, and soon bearing a great many cuts and bruises after being chased up and down through the Nakatomi Plaza - a place where a group of 'terrorists' hold a group of people hostage - one of them his wife. He goes over the edge more than once, and though it's thanks to his heroics and crazy stunts that the police get there in the first place, he pretty much finishes the bad guys by himself. If anything, the police actually make things worse, though Al does provide some much-needed emotional support.

Bruce's limo driver helps out too. Wish that guy would've been in some of the sequels - it could've made for an interesting partnership, and what a cool name he had: Argyle. The way they stumble in on the whole situation is just perfect. It's commendable they manage to put in bits of comedy amidst the action and still keep things serious, not many movies manage that mix.

Overall it's one action fest out of the ordinary, with exquisite locales and a real professional bunch of crooks and criminals. Among the actors you might recognize there's Bonnie Bedelia, Reginald VelJohnson and Alan Rickman (the in-movie villain, who actually died this year - may he RIP). Bruce Willis is the one-man main show though, and he puts on a great performance.

 rated 5/5: friggin awesome

June, 2022

Die Hard (1988)

Christmas fucking classic right here! Still as good as it ever was. Still depicting both action and family in minute detail. The tenacity. The will to live. The struggle. The thrill. So many close calls; so much carnage; still some of the flashiest explosions in action cinema... at least the first one.

Used to think McClane was MacLane btw. Just sayin'.

 rated 5/5: friggin awesome


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  1. S3C
    Wednesday Nov/2/2016

    the third one's the best. unfortunately no fat black cop for supporting comedic relief though

  2. Cyber
    Wednesday Nov/2/2016

    Most definitely. :) Don't think it's just Samuel J. either, the character chemistry was just perfect, punchlines perfect, villians, series of events, fighting choreography.. it was better than I remembered. Always pictured this was the best one, and the ranking the same as the sequel numbers, in chronological order - from good to bad. As it is, I'd rank them like this: 3, 1, 2, 4, 5.

    Review for all the rest lined-up for next week btw, though I'd already posted the last one.

  3. S3C
    Thursday Nov/3/2016

    I agree, I would rank them 3,1,2,4 all of them solid movies. Haven't seen the fifth one, heard it was pretty bad though.

    look forward to it.

  4. Cyber
    Thursday Nov/3/2016

    Yeah... the fifth was pretty iffy. So many loose ends. Might be good incentive for them to get their head straight with the next one though. Hope they do. And hope they make a next one too. Can't get too much even of the worst movies of this franchise.

  5. Cyber
    Saturday Jul/2/2022

    I was kinda critical of the newer ones earlier on hmm! Just gotta say I don't feel the fourth (or the fifth for that matter, that came out since) one's bad at all now. I liked the sidekick. Appreciate Cyril Raffaelli's minor role all the more now that I know who he is too, and Maggie Q. It's not like the first three but it's still worth watching. A bit worse special effects. A bit bland chemistry between most characters but the main duo. Bruce Willis showin' his age too unfortunately, especially in the script, being depicted as a remnant of the old age.

    But it is good action! Just blends in more with all other blockbusters than the original; iconic three. New ones do be good, I just don't think they'll ever become classics.

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