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Die Hard 3 - Die Hard With A Vengeance (1995)

Die Hard 3 - Die Hard With A Vengeance (1995)

Bruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson are the perfect duo. Mutual disagreeances fuel them onward, and enforce their punchlines. When John's by himself it's a bit weird with him always talking to himself - and maybe they noticed this after the solo punchline surplus in the former. The dialog flows much better here, and they both contribute great personalities, each with their own strengths and weaknesses, growing and bonding by force as the movie progresses.

The plot's elaborate too, and it ties in nicely to the first one. The title's a subtle hint - a nudge in the right direction, like: you probably know what it's about already, but when you reach the end of this review you'll know even more.

The progression's perfect. The link between this and the former movie feels like a good way to deepen the storyline as well, not just as the excuse-for-a-sequel you'd expect, and the black guy in this one actually has a role to play. In the previous two it was like they just snuck in a black guy so there'd be a black guy there. Someone for each potential audience. I thought about this in particular when that black and white guy were awkwardly hugging at the end of the former. They had Asians too in the first, and they even had one on each team. One good Asian, one bad Asian. One good Afro-American, one bad Afro American. When you look at it that way it seems like a very audience-attentive mixture... and not very natural.

But then again black guys are probably underrepresented in a lot of facets of society, and especially in the nineties. Or maybe not. What do I know. Their amounts and placements feel staged in the movies though, and much morse so in the previous two. Overly intentional. And this time there's a girl among the bad guys too. Opting for equal gender representation after race? Interesting. Though since Holly is no longer in the picture with this one maybe she's there to represent females as a whole and appeal to both genders. I wonder how much of this is planning, and how much is just random...

They're trying something new though, and even if I miss their moments I appreciate the change of character it brings around. John is just not the same John anymore. He used to be rash and spontaneous, but now he's also drunk and miserable, which seems like the common stereotype for a tough guy cop. The more miserable he is, the better he performs his own certain strain of justice! It's a lot more cops and robbers this time anyway, and a bit less John and Holly (she was the perfect name for the first two considering they were both Christmas movies), and I think I like it.

The chases look authentic. The bombs, the trains, the ship... it's all very elaborate action choreography. The movie overall has a lot more of everything - moving up a scale after the last movie, and much of it in downtown New York of all places. If it's not the movie with the biggest budget in the Die Hard franchise, it's definitely the one with the biggest effort involved. That's what it feels like. Feels like there are many more a detail I could spend time delving into to explain why this movie was so much better than the previous, but to put it bluntly: the previous just wasn't this good, and I'm glad they're not only back on track, but better than before.

The plot? It's about a bombman running rampant in New York, and leading John on a wild goose chase as he schemes a heist on the Fort Knox of the city. Somehow, the black Samaritan Zeus (another awesome name choice) gets involved, and all goes haywire. The villains are as authentic as the good guys, and there's plenty on each side. I do wonder what really happened to the rest of their army though - that feels like the one loose end. Everything else ties together nicely. Great watch.

 rated 5/5: friggin awesome

June, 2022

Die Hard 3 - Die Hard With A Vengeance (1995)

Now this is how you ease racial tensions the right way! And how ever did they get two alphas in the lead like this?

It works though. Samuel Jackson almost seems a little quieter when it's all over. Not as hostile towards his good friend maybe, but it feels like Bruce just steals some of his yipee-ki-yay too somehow.

It's a great scheme. Great NY views. Great US action overall. Good like.

Less focus on Holly and the potential negative connotations of reporters too btw. And though I do miss Holly a bit she's still there somewhat.

It works well. Still a solid finale on the first three.

 rated 4.5/5: almost awesome


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