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Dirty Games (2022)

Dirty Games (2022)

A game show in which all is not as it seems.

They could've added a bit more to that blockquote couldn't they...?

The official description may still make it seem way more intense than it really is, action-wise, but regarding the other stuff... it really is all that. With a saucy cast. With plenty of suspenseful music and kinky scenes, and although the actors aren't all the best it's... pretty enjoyable.

In for the thrill, for the kinks, not the kills. And for an ending that seems a little surreal...

It's almost like an Adult take on the Truman Show. Sort of. It's a game show with a twist, where the contestants don't seem fully aware of what they've become a part of. And it seems symbolic to our modern age social media, and the craze on appearances and success, the lack of shame, the wrath of game, the mishaps and pain... feels like there are a lot of nuances to this, even if it all seems so simple on the surface. I want to give this one a four, but in regard to acting and all...

 rated 3.5/5: not bad at all


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