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Ditched (2021)

That ending makes you think, doesn't it? Was she really the wrong one? Was she in the wrong?

It starts good. An accident. Ominous synthy soundtrack a la the eighties, strong characters and headlight glow, a group of mysterious strangers encircling a crashed ambulance with a convict, police and paramedics on board, and soon they're getting brutally murdered, one after the other...

Yet somewhere it becomes self-righteous and inconsistent.

Nobody really makes a run for it - though they clearly could. They die slowly and unnecessarily. They get forced back to the ambulance though it seems they had plenty of room to get away.

They don't take advantage of neither weapons nor hiding spaces, and they start talking, and though the actors are good for the most part, and the violence is savage... it just feels spaced out and strange. Self-righteous and self-serving. Not so much for the viewer. Maybe for the maker.

That ending though... it turns things around a bit. And the credit roll is one of the both most artsy and most grotesque ones I've seen yet.

I like the title too. Literally in a ditch + abandoned. Gone. Escaped.

But overall... I think where this one lost me was on empathy.

I felt it for the main character, and when it's over I still don't feel it for anyone who was in the right. It took a dark turn, but also an unconvincing one, and the end just doesn't feel like closure at all.

 rated 3.5/5: not bad at all


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